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Today, a group of over twenty experts and enthusiasts of medicine and new technologies discussed challenges, problems and trends during the third edition of MedTech MeetUp in Zabrze. The first presentation entitled "Development of IC Solutions based on the IC Pen used by OSCE, banking

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The healthech and medtech projects are not so important because they can improve our health, but also protect our lives. See good practices and best examples of Polish startups that solve health problems (such as diabetes, heart and lung diseases) with the help of Mam

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We invite you to the MedTech Meetup event, which will take place on February 27th at 17:00 in Zabrze. The aim of the initiative is to build a community at the borderline of business and science in the field of startups and technology in the

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We recommend today's interview with Professor Marian Zembala on RMF FM radio. At the same time, on the occasion of the Professor's 70th Birthday, we would like to express our best wishes ❤️ for health, prosperity and serenity. >>> see the interview with Professor Marian Zembala (source:

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Minimal invasive arthroscopic treatment, innovative "tailor-made" joint endoprostheses and difficult joint revision surgeries or complicated fractures - these are the everyday life of the Orthopaedic Ward of the Municipal Hospital in Zabrze. This ward belongs to one of the few centres in Poland where the