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About us

Find out why bet on startups – especially in medicine and related sectors.

Father of medical sector in Zabrze
The first successful heart transplant was performed on the 5th of November, 1985 in Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases in Zabrze by the then associate professor, Zbigniew Religa. He remains the symbol of medicine and development of cardiology in Zabrze.
Zabrze for startups in medicine and related areas
We aspire to be a global leadership in development of medicine. Existing educational and scientific, research, commercial and production facilities in medical sector in Zabrze provide a basis for technological projects and scientific and clinical studies.
Zabrze for production, medical laboratories and R&D
Best investment areas in Poland managed by The Katowice Special Economic Zone are the ideal place for locating manufacturing facilities producing materials, goods and equipment in medical sector. This is a perfect location for R&D departments which immediately can operate in a strong research and development environment of many renowned institutions in Zabrze.
Startup City Zabrze Inauguration
Development of a startup ecosystem in Zabrze - “Startup City Zabrze” project was launched on 16th of October 2019 during “MedTech – startups and business in the Silesian Startup Valley of Medical Innovation” panel during 9th edition of the European SME Congress which took place in International Congress Centre in Katowice. The project pays particular attention to medicine and related industries.
Tech-Hub for CEE countries
Zabrze is located in the heart of Silesia and Central Europe. Our strategy includes Tech-Hub establishment for CEE. Due to already existing potential of many institutions and specialists from medicine and related sectors, we focus primarily on startups from these areas.
What areas are classified as med?
Speaking about startups from medicine and related sectors we consider such industries as: medtech, farmtech,biotech, agrotech, healthtech, beauty, sport, water, lifestyle, ehealth.
Startups from other industries
At the same time, we are open to startups from any industry, assuming that more sectors can be included in our startup strategy. Every company and industry will find its place in Zabrze, which can be best seen in the diversity of companies already working in the city and interested in the local investment areas.

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